Side Hustle Starter Kit Webinar

July 11, 2023


The Pictou County Partnership, IGNITE Atlantic, and The Maker’s Collective Continue Entrepreneur Support with Side Hustle Starter Kit Webinar

Pictou County, NS – The Pictou County Partnership has teamed up with IGNITE Atlantic and The Maker’s Collective to present a Side Hustle Starter Kit Webinar on August 2 at 7 p.m. at IGNITE in New Glasgow.

The Maker’s Collective Side Hustle Starter Kit guides entrepreneurs, side hustlers, freelancers, and anyone who would like to become one in generating supplementary income. The session provides training, support, and a step-by-step methodology to help entrepreneurs launch their side hustle business.

"There have never been more opportunities to start a side hustle than there are today. But, knowing where to start and how to manage your time and energy as you get started can be huge challenges,” said Jeff Mitchell, co-owner of The Maker’s Collective. “The Side Hustle Starter Kit will give aspiring side hustlers a step-by-step roadmap to follow to turn an idea, skill, or hobby into a new line of income. It will introduce a simple system that can be implemented to better manage time, energy, and focus. Participants will walk away ready to apply the key learnings to growing their side hustle with the help of the side hustle starter kit workbook.”

The Side Hustle Starter Kit Webinar event follows a workshop-style lesson delivery including side hustle basics as well as helpful insight into navigating today’s digital landscape as a business owner. Following the 90-minute training session, attendees will hear from a panel of experienced side hustlers including Pictou County entrepreneurs Darrah DeYoung, owner of Baked and Boujee Cheesecakes, Jamie Grant, owner of Root Cellar Farms, and Iwona Tatarkiewicz, owner of Cheerfetti Gift Co., who will offer their own side hustle journeys and provide coaching.   

“IGNITE has served as a home and support system for various side hustlers as they get their business started. We continue to see start up entrepreneurs utilize our spaces, tools, and programs to push forward in their success. We are excited to be a partner on this event in encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship in our rural areas,” said Wes Surrett, northern regional manager with Ignite Atlantic.

Attendees will have access to a bonus coaching session where personalized side hustle journey support will be provided.   

“We’re proud to be the first organization to bring the Side Hustle Starter Kit to rural Nova Scotia,” said Wade Tibbo, manager of business development & innovation with Pictou County Partnership. “We know that side hustles have a greater success rate for entrepreneurs, and typically entrepreneurs that get into side hustling are women, international post-secondary graduates, and seniors. We’re making a conscious effort to support all entrepreneurs, making it known that Pictou County is the place to start and grow your business in rural Nova Scotia.”

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Media Contact:  
Heather Knight
Pictou County Partnership

The Maker’s Collective has teamed up with The Pictou County Partnership and IGNITE Atlantic to provide you with training, support, and a step-by-step methodology to help get your side hustle in flight this year.

People around the world are moving away from the traditional, linear career path and embracing the emerging gig economy, where everyone is empowered to turn their skills and passions into a side business. There are so many reasons one may choose the path of side hustling, but in this current time of unprecedented uncertainty, the value of having multiple streams of income has never been higher.

If you are a new side hustler, freelancer, entrepreneur OR if you would like to become one, there is a community to support you, a pathway to follow, and resources to empower you to set up your new business and thrive in today’s economy.

Introducing, The Side Hustle Starter Kit, a value packed webinar to guide you through the basics of getting your side hustle off the ground!

In this 90 minute online training session, you’ll be introduced to the Side Hustle Starter Kit methodology and tools to help kickstart your journey with starting a business. Then, you’ll hear from a panel of experienced side hustlers about their journeys and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get coaching from the panel.

This event will include an educational workshop-style lesson on side hustle basics and how to navigate today’s digital landscape as a business owner. This will be followed up with a panel discussion including expert side hustlers who are walking the walk, and you'll have the opportunity to engage with the panelist by asking questions to help you get started! Additionally, one week after the webinar, you will be invited to attend a bonus Office Hour Coaching Session, where you can get personalized support on your side hustle journey!

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