Side Hustle Starter Kit Webinar - February 2024

January 29th, 2024



            The Pictou County Partnership, IGNITE Atlantic, and The Maker’s Collective Continue Entrepreneur Support with Second Side Hustle Starter Kit Webinar

Pictou County, NS – The Pictou County Partnership, in collaboration with IGNITE Atlantic and The Maker’s Collective, is pleased to announce an upcoming Side Hustle Starter Kit Webinar scheduled for February 15th, 2024 at 4:30-6 pm. The event, hosted at the Nova Scotia Community College in Stellarton, aims to empower entrepreneurs, freelancers, and individuals interested in creating supplementary income through a comprehensive training session.

The Maker’s Collective Side Hustle Starter Kit Webinar is designed to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in navigating the challenges of starting a side business. The webinar offers a step-by-step methodology, equipping participants with the knowledge and support needed to successfully turn their ideas, skills, or hobbies into a new income stream. Jeff Mitchell, co-owner of The Maker’s Collective, emphasized the abundance of opportunities for side hustles today, while acknowledging the common challenges of knowing where to begin and managing time and energy.

Mitchell stated, “Since 2020, we have helped over 600 entrepreneurs across Canada start their side hustles. This experience has helped us to build a step-by-step guide to support entrepreneurs to go from idea to launch, while it has also revealed how important it is to support entrepreneurs through mindset blockers like self-doubt and imposter syndrome, which are natural parts of the journey. The upcoming webinar will dive into these important topics, and participants will walk away with a playbook to guide their side gig journey.”

The Side Hustle Starter Kit Webinar adopts a workshop-style format, covering fundamental entrepreneurship principles and offering valuable insights into navigating the digital landscape as a business owner.

Wes Surrett, northern regional manager with IGNITE Atlantic, expressed excitement about IGNITE's role as a supportive hub for burgeoning entrepreneurs. "IGNITE has been a home and support system for various side hustlers, providing spaces, tools, and programs to drive success. We are thrilled to partner on this event to encourage and support entrepreneurship in our rural areas,” said Surrett. 

Attendees will also gain access to a bonus coaching session, offering personalized support for their unique side hustle journeys. Wade Tibbo, CEO of Pictou County Partnership, proudly noted the significance of bringing the Side Hustle Starter Kit webinar to rural Nova Scotia. Tibbo emphasized the inclusive support for entrepreneurs, highlighting Pictou County as a prime location for initiating and cultivating businesses in rural Nova Scotia.

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Media Contact:  
Lynne Jamieson
Pictou County Partnership