Pictou County Partnership Secures Federal Funding to Establish Blueprint for Attracting Investment


Pictou County Partnership Secures Federal Funding to Establish Blueprint for Attracting Investment

Piktuk/Pictou County, Nova Scotia – The Pictou County Partnership is thrilled to announce its recent success in securing grant funding from the CanExport Community Investments Program; a key initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) administered by the Government of Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service. This funding represents a significant endorsement of Pictou County's strategic direction towards economic development and international engagement.

The grant is strategically allocated to bolster Pictou County’s efforts in attracting, retaining, and expanding foreign direct investment (FDI), with the ultimate goal of strengthening the community's economy. This project is aligned with the broader objectives of enhancing Pictou County’s competitive position on the global stage and facilitating sustainable economic growth.

The approved funding, totaling $59,433.25, is provided based on covering 50% of the costs of the following initiatives:

FDI Training: To enhance the skills and knowledge of staff in FDI best practices.

FDI Strategic Planning and Analysis: To developing comprehensive strategies and analyses to optimize FDI attraction and retention. Strategy development will include conducting a SWOT analysis, target industry study, cluster study, and identifying the region’s value proposition for investment attraction.

FDI Tool and Material Development: For hiring an intern to focus on the creation of innovative tools and materials to support FDI initiatives effectively. This will include an asset inventory of the region, and development of materials to complement and support InvestNS's initiatives to attract investment to the entire province by enhancing local capabilities.

These initiatives are designed to provide Pictou County with a robust framework for FDI engagement, enabling the region to capitalize on international opportunities and foster a dynamic economic environment. The Partnership will be working closely with Pictou Landing First Nation and its municipal partners specifically focusing on identifying key assets, infrastructure, and sites ready for investment. The Partnership will work collaboratively to pinpoint strategic industries targeted for attraction and devise strategies to amplify key existing industries, ensuring a comprehensive approach to sustainable economic development.

Wade Tibbo, CEO at the Pictou County Partnership, expressed enthusiasm about the grant: "This funding is a testament to the potential of Pictou County as a prime destination for foreign investment. It will significantly enhance our capabilities to attract international business and solidify our economic foundation. We are deeply grateful to the CanExport Community Investments Program and the Government of Canada for their support and confidence in our community."

About the Partnership

The Pictou County Partnership is the leading economic development organization in Pictou County, dedicated to promoting growth, innovation, and community development. Through collaboration with local, regional, and national stakeholders, the Partnership seeks to drive economic success and improve the quality of life for all residents in Pictou County.

For more information on the Pictou County Partnership’s initiatives and the benefits of this funding, please contact Wade Tibbo, CEO, at wade.tibbo@pictoucountypartnership.com