New CEO Appointed at the Pictou County Partnership

Hey Pictou County Business Community and Valued Partners!

We've got some exciting news to share. Wade Tibbo, who has served as the Director of Business Development and Innovation at the Pictou County Partnership, has accepted a new role as our CEO. Wade is a familiar face to many, deeply rooted in our community, and he's stepping up to lead us into a future brimming with potential and growth.

Wade understands the heart and soul of Pictou County and leads with inclusivity and innovation at the forefront. Whether you're an entrepreneur taking the first steps in your business journey, a newcomer finding your footing in our vibrant community, or a seasoned business with global recognition, Wade believes our role is to be here to support, guide, and collaborate with you.

What does this mean for our small and micro enterprises and partner organizations? It means a renewed commitment to creating an environment where your ideas can flourish, where challenges are met with creative solutions, and where the success of one is celebrated as the success of all. Wade believes in the power of community-driven growth and the significant impact of small businesses in shaping the economic landscape of Pictou County. We're doubling down on our efforts to cater specifically to the needs of our diverse business community and ensure that each of you has the tools and resources you need to thrive.

But that's not all. We understand the unique challenges faced by newcomers and are dedicated to ensuring that their transition into our business community is seamless and rewarding. Embracing our diversity to create a richer, more dynamic, and welcoming community in Pictou County is our goal.

For our established businesses and traditional sectors, we recognize your role in putting Pictou County on the map. Our vision includes strengthening the ties between local and global, ensuring that our community continues to be a favorable destination for business, innovation, and growth.

We’re embracing a new era of opportunity, collaboration, and success. Here's to moving forward, growing together, and making Pictou County a beacon of prosperity.

Click here for the official announcement.  Stay tuned for more updates from our team, and let's make this journey an incredible one, together!