Side Hustle Coaching Program


Introducing the  Side Hustle Coaching Program – a transformative 10-week experience designed for early-stage and aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to turn their passion into a successful side hustle. The program will have 10 available spots.  

Enrich your entrepreneurial journey with 90 minutes of personalized 1-on-1 coaching each week, led by an experienced side hustler. Throughout the program, you will conquer mindset barriers such as self-doubt and imposter syndrome, while honing the skills needed to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

From defining your ideal target customer(s) to developing a sustainable business model that ensures cash flow positivity from the start, this program empowers you to craft a solid foundation for your venture.

Through this program, you will learn the art of testing your understanding of customers and the viability of your offer before committing resources, while also gaining insights into backend systems like business registration and banking/accounting setup, essential for bringing your side hustle to life.

By the end of the 10 weeks, you'll be equipped with a comprehensive go-to-market strategy, poised to launch your side hustle. Beyond the program, connect with coaches and a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs. The best part? It's all FREE!

Elevate your side hustle game and embark on a journey towards entrepreneurial success with our empowering coaching program.

Testimonial from Bobbi Savoy Wright

Elevate Side Hustle Coaching Program cohort 1 participant

“Before this course I had no idea how I could pursue my dreams of owning my own second hand store without jumping head first into opening a brick and mortar store. I learned so much about all the steps that come before that and was able to develop a minimum viable offer. But more than the information that was provided, I gained the most from their personal, human approach to helping me. I felt heard and understood and learned how to reframe my thoughts away from my self-doubt into collecting data. This wasn't just a course; this was therapy for my soul.”

Stay tuned for details on future cohorts!