ELEVATE Business Improvement Program

 Welcome to ELEVATE: Reaching Greater Heights in Business!  

Are you ready to conquer the peaks of success in your business journey? Join the Pictou County Partnership’s transformative business improvement program that's designed to propel you to new heights—where your aspirations meet achievement. Introducing ELEVATE: Reaching Greater Heights in Business, the program that not only identifies the hurdles in your path but equips you with the tools to conquer them! 

ELEVATE Program Highlights:  
  1. Customized Assessment: Defining Your Compass

Step away from the daily grind to test assumptions, rethink strategies, and uncover untapped opportunities. Starting with a customized assessment of your business journey, you'll create a roadmap that becomes your guide to success. 

  1. One-on-One Sessions: Personalized Guidance

Engage in personalized sessions with our Business Development team who are also entrepreneurs. By accessing the Partnership resources and inviting experts to help address your specific challenges, you will receive tailored advice and chart a course that aligns with your unique business objectives. 

Why ELEVATE your business to new heights?  

   - Uncover hidden opportunities in your business. 

   - Gain insights from industry experts and peers. 

   - Forge valuable connections and partnerships. 

   - Secure the resources you need to ascend to new heights. 

   - Achieve your business dreams with a personalized roadmap. 

Elevate your business. Embrace the climb. Conquer your goals. Don't just dream it—achieve it!  

Interested? Click here to learn more & apply by March 1st, 2024.

At this information session, attendees will learn more about the ELEVATE Business Improvement Program and hear from participants from last year’s program.  

Following the information session, businesses will have the opportunity to submit an expression of interest for participating in the upcoming intake for this exciting program.