Be Braver in Business and Explore Hometown Opportunities

Be Braver in Business and Explore Hometown Opportunities

Moving away to expand your knowledge and skills is brave, but moving home to seek new opportunities might just be braver.

That’s what Lydia and Brad Sayeau did.

They incorporated their video production company, New Brooklyn Media, in 2019. They operated that business in the Halifax area before deciding to leave the city and bring their business home to Pictou County.  They had no way of knowing if their business would continue the upward trajectory it was on, but they felt confident in the work they were doing and took the chance. Lydia grew up in the County, so proximity to family was a big pull.

Since coming home, they’ve seen significant growth in New Brooklyn Media, from working with new clients to seeing others continue to return for new projects. “Moving back to Pictou County expanded our reach,” said co-owner Lydia Sayeau. “Coming home has been so good for us.”

Lydia and Brad were working within their careers in the tech and film industry when they decided to launch New Brooklyn Media. Though they didn’t know what to expect, they believed in their work and their ability to create something special for each client.

“By early 2020 we were so busy I didn’t go back from my maternity leave (at her job in tech),” said Sayeau.

They grew to the point of team expansion later that year, hiring their first employee in early 2021. Now, they have a team of five, working on projects around the County and beyond.

Between the pair, they have experience in graphic design, photography, and videography. Starting out, their scope of work was broad. But new technology with vast potential caught their attention, and their scope broadened further.

Specializing in virtual reality (VR), 360 video, and interactive viewing platforms (IVP), formally 360 LAB Inc, now BRAEVR Media, is the second company the pair have started, this time, alongside longtime friend and collaborator, Adam Cornick.

“He saw the potential too,” said Sayeau.

They pitched as 360LAB to Tourism Nova Scotia before they had any VR gear. That contract funded their first 360 camera, allowing them to take the next step and launch 360 LAB, now BRAEVR Media, in 2022.

After repeatedly getting confused with another production company called 360LABs, they decided to completely rebrand. It took the trio nearly a year to decide on a name that fit what they were trying to achieve with their work. Now, BRAEVR Media is moving full force ahead.

Their continuous determination and belief in their services has contributed significantly to their success today. They’ve entered each step of their business development with bravery, persevering through challenges and learning curves. Their top-of-the-line work speaks for itself, but the outgoing, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere they’ve established as a pillar of their brand sets them apart.

Earlier this year, they moved both businesses into a new workspace that has served their needs greatly, providing a space where their teams can work together and where there’s room for growth.

“It’s when we finally took that plunge and were in it 100% that things really started,” said Sayeau. “There’s still so much for us to tap into here.”

As the BRAEVR Media team says, be bolder, be brighter, and BE BRAEVR. Take that plunge with your business in Pictou County.

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